City Negligence Claims Attorney

Challenging the government, police, municipal groups and public utilities is a daunting task. But there are times when demanding government accountability is critical to obtaining justice.

When a dangerously designed road leads to a young mother's death or a law-abiding, Haitian-American surgeon loses the use of his hands after being beaten by a police officer, it is essential to expose wrongdoing and hold the government accountable. Victims deserve compensation for their injuries.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we have a strong track record of success obtaining financial recovery for victims of police, local and state government negligence. Our Los Angeles government liability lawyers have tried cases against the cities and police departments of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Torrance, Burbank and Long Beach, as well as the California Department of Motor Vehicles, CalTrans, and the State of California.

  • Greene Broillet & Wheeler represented victims of the 2003 Santa Monica Farmers' Market tragedy, an event where injuries and death could have been prevented if the City of Santa Monica had followed common safety practices.
  • We have handled many cases involving poorly designed roadways, dangerous intersections and crosswalks, and failure to install guard rails or bollards to prevent cars from leaving the road.
  • We have brought premises liability cases on behalf of people who were injured in slip-and-fall accidents in government buildings, or from other accidents on government property.
  • We hold school districts and park and recreation programs accountable for injuries resulting from negligent supervision that allows children to wander off school grounds, and for failure to properly supervise children with special needs or medical conditions such as asthma.
  • We hold government employers accountable for car and truck accidents caused by employers while on the job.

The Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) enables people who have suffered injuries due to the negligent or wrongful action of employees of the U.S. government to bring a lawsuit for compensation.

Skillful, Thorough and Prompt Investigation

Our investigative team acts quickly to preserve your government liability claim. We cut through the bureaucratic process to obtain accident histories. Our proprietary investigative experts and evidence warehouse are important resources for cases involving defective parts and dangerous roadway or intersection design. We persuade the juries who hear these technically challenging cases by often presenting incident reenactments of failures of signal light timing, traffic count, pedestrian crossings and signal phasing.

Police Civil Rights Violations

We have extensive experience representing victims of police corruption, cover-ups and police brutality. We have handled cases involving excessive use of force and unjustified shootings. We have represented the victims of car accidents caused by police pursuits that endangered others on the road.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler has the financial resources and intellectual skills to remain tenacious when faced with entrenched bureaucracies, insurance companies, government delays and diversionary tactics. Our opponents are aware of our reputation as hard-nosed, results-oriented trial lawyers and they often make more advantageous offers to our clients than in similar cases handled by other attorneys.

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