Commercial Liability

Representing Businesses Across California In Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Commercial general liability (CGL) policies are imperative for any business. These policies protect businesses against a broad range of legal claims. Of course, for a CGL policy to the desired impact, your insurance company must be prepared to defend your company against claims that fall under the terms of the policy. If your company is found liable, your insurance company must indemnify your company against a judgment. When an insurer fails to live up to the conditions set forth in the policy, it can jeopardize a company's very existence.

If you have reason to believe that your business is the victim of bad faith practices by your insurance company, it is critical that you have dynamic, knowledgeable legal counsel on your side. For decades, the lawyers of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have held insurance companies accountable for bad faith insurance practices.

Bad faith with CGL policies can take on a number of actions, including:

  • The failure to defend: Insurance companies have the duty to defend policyholders for actions covered by the terms of the policy. Failing to defend a lawsuit can open up a business to substantial costs, including their own legal costs.
  • The failure to accept a reasonable offer of settlement: When insurance companies fail to accept reasonable settlement offers, and the case goes to trial, the insured can find themselves facing substantial exposure.
  • The failure to indemnify: The duty to indemnify and the duty to defend are closely related. When an insurer has the duty to defend a policyholder, it must also indemnify the policyholder if a judgment is entered against them.

However your company was harmed, our attorneys will look closely at the terms of your insurance policy and fully investigate the insurance company's actions. We will then build a case that fully accounts for all of your damages that stem from your insurer's failure to defend or indemnify. If your case must be tried, our law firm has the legal firepower to make a strong case.

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