Los Angeles Airport Shuttle Bus Accident Attorneys

Los Angeles Airport Shuttle Bus Accident Attorney

LAX Rental Car Shuttle Crash Lawyer

Super Shuttle, FlyAway, Prime, Roadrunner, DASH and other hotel and car rental shuttles and "airporters" offer convenient and economical alternatives to taxis. When negligence enters the picture, however, a ride on an LAX airport shuttle can end tragically.

The Los Angeles airporter and shuttle bus accident attorneys at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident. We represent clients in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout Southern California, including injured tourists.

If you were hurt in an accident involving an airport shuttle bus, car rental shuttle, hotel shuttle, campus shuttle, or rental van, contact our Los Angeles law office to speak with an experienced lawyer.

Because of its higher center of gravity, shuttle buses are at greater risk of rollover accidents. Combine that structural problem with driver negligence and the results can be fatal.

Speeding, reckless driving, alcohol or drug-impaired driving, distracted driving and lack of proper training and licensing all contribute to injuries and fatalities in shuttle bus accidents. In one case, a shuttle bus driver struggling to put a DVD into a player ended up flipping the bus on the highway, seriously injuring passengers.

Shuttle buses and passenger vans, like full-sized buses, lack seat belts or other passenger restraints. While some research shows bus passengers are safer without restraints, shuttle buses and vans are less than half the size of a large bus. Full size buses rarely roll over; passenger vans often do. In the case of a rollover accident, the absence of passenger restraints, like seat belts, contributes to injuries and deaths, especially if a passenger is thrown from the vehicle.

Thorough Investigation, Impressive Results

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice and fair compensation for our clients. Our lawyers and investigators study the accident scene, interview witnesses, examine the vehicles involved, view onboard videos and comb through police reports and shuttle bus maintenance records.

This thoroughness is a significant factor in our ability to achieve full and fair compensation in verdicts and settlements for clients injured in shuttle buses.

When You Need Strong, Effective Representation

It does not matter which shuttle service you were using — SuperShuttle, Roadrunner, Karmel Shuttle, Go Fly, A1, DASH — we have the skill and resources to achieve results in your case. Contact our Los Angeles law office to speak with a lawyer about your case.