Big Blue Bus

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Accident Lawyer

Big Blue buses service Santa Monica to downtown LA, to as far as the Valley. Most passengers, however, are in the metro area, and most Big Blue bus accidents occur in the heavily populated areas of LA.

The Los Angeles bus accident lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have seen many Big Blue bus accidents over the years:

  • Pedestrian accidents: The most serious, in terms of injuries and deaths, occur when a Big Blue bus hits or runs over a pedestrian. Turning too sharply at a busy street corner, failing to look before turning right and hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk are two typical bus-pedestrian accidents.
  • Bicyclist accidents: Causes for bus-bike accidents include bus driver inattention to bikes in the bike lane, buses turning right in front of an oncoming bike, or a bus moving into the biker's path in a lane change. Unfortunately, the police are often quick to blame the biker for his or her own injuries with little investigation. It's vitally important that families of injured cyclists work with a Los Angeles bike collision attorney who will aggressively investigate the case and won't just take the police report at face value.
  • Bus-car or bus-truck accidents: These types of accidents become considerably more serious when speed is involved, such as when the bus is heading toward the Valley. Speeding and lack of attention can be fatal mix in bus-car crashes.

If you were injured, or a loved one died in an accident involving a Big Blue bus, contact the Santa Monica Big Blue bus accident lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for injured people.

We Know Where to Look and What to Look For

Our success in handling Big Blue bus accident cases is due, in part, to our extensive investigative resources and to our understanding of bus company practices, policies and procedures. We understand bus company data management practices, including its use of GPS, video and audio recordings. Our in-house investigative team knows how to obtain and preserve this evidence in our evidence warehouse for later use in trial.

Buses and Senior Citizen Injury

Elderly bus accident victims deserve special attention. Because senior citizens ride buses more than others, and because they often have physical limitations, they are more likely than other riders to suffer injury as a bus passenger. As a common carrier legally responsible for the safety of passengers, and as a matter of company policy, bus companies have a special duty of care to elderly passengers under Civil Code 1200. The bus company can be held legally liable for injuries to seniors or handicapped persons if the bus driver failed to operate with reasonable care.

Seniors and handicapped persons are at risk of injury from falls. The bus driver should wait for a senior citizen to be fully seated before moving. The bus driver should wait until the senior has fully disembarked and is no longer holding on to the bus before pulling away from the curb. If the senior or disabled person is using a wheelchair, that wheelchair must be securely in place before the bus moves.

When You Need Strong, Effective Representation

When you need experienced legal help in an injury or wrongful death case involving a Big Blue bus and a bike, pedestrian, car or truck collision, contact the Los Angeles law office of Greene Broillet & Wheeler for a free initial consultation.