Brain Injury Rehabilitation

If you sustained a traumatic brain injury after a serious accident like a fall or car crash, you may look like your old self, but you may not be able to do the things that once came easily. Memory, attention, balance, spatial relationships, emotions and behavior can all be profoundly affected by a brain injury.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have decades of experience representing people with head and brain injuries. We have obtained significant verdicts and settlements in brain injury claims. Our legal team has experience in dealing with the type of medical and rehabilitative help you need, and we excel in providing the aggressive legal representation seriously injured people require.

New Insights Into Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Until fairly recently, little was known about brain injury rehabilitation. Some believed that rest, time and luck were the only essential components for recovery. Today, however, analysis of numerous studies has shown that a program of brain injury rehabilitation can help people maximize their recovery from traumatic brain injuries.

Researchers at the University of South Alabama and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte analyzed results of several hundred studies of cognitive brain injury rehabilitation. They found that just as physical therapy enhances recovery from physical trauma, cognitive rehabilitation can increase positive outcomes after a traumatic brain injury. Results are best when the rehab program is begun early.

The Goal of Brain Injury Rehab

The goal of brain injury rehabilitation programs is to help people return to their former level of functioning as much as possible. Brain injury or cognitive rehabilitation programs can be in-patient, out-patient or community-based services. They typically involve a team of medical and rehabilitation professionals who assess the patient's needs and develop an individualized program to meet his or her goals.

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