Building Collapse/Falling Materials

Falling from heights and being struck by falling objects is one of the most common and serious dangers on a construction site or jobsite. The tragedy of this type of accident is that falls are entirely preventable with proper precautions and safety equipment, barring an equipment defect.

California Attorneys Representing Construction Workers Injured by Negligence

The California construction injury attorneys at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent injured construction workers and visitors to a job site who were injured in a building collapse accident, from a fall, or from being struck by falling materials.

  • In a building collapse case, our firm achieved $78 million in a combined verdict and settlement for 12 clients in a roof collapse construction accident in which some clients fell six stories and others clung to rebar 50 feet in the air until they were rescued.
  • In a recent case, a cell phone equipment installer at the LA Convention Center fell 40 feet, through the roof of the Center, because of a badly designed catwalk.

These are only a few of the successful cases we've handled for injured workers and others involved in building collapses and falls. We excel in handling defective product, equipment and materials cases. Our firm has been named the "#1 personal injury law firm in California" by Best Lawyers in America, and a Top Tier national firm in Products Liability by US News and World Reports/ Best Lawyers.

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Maximizing the Value of Your Claim

There are a number of ways that defects or negligence can contribute to falls, building collapses or falling materials.

  • Design defects in roofs, decks or floors, combined with weight, can cause a collapse
  • Material defects can cause scaffolding, ladders or shoring material to collapse
  • Shoring material may be inadequate for the weight or the conditions of the job site
  • Required safety equipment may be missing from the job site
  • Crane or elevator failures

Due to the complexity of most construction projects, determining the cause of a building collapse will require the input of engineering and design experts. In the case of equipment failure, like scaffolding, catwalks or falling cranes, our firm involves construction and product design experts in order to prove the cause of the accident.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP's multimillion-dollar victories are due in large part to its presentation of persuasive demonstrative evidence at trial, from product testing and parts analysis to model building and live trial demonstrations. The effort we put into building a strong and effective case plays a pivotal role in the favorable outcomes we achieve.

To learn if we can assist you, please contact a Los Angeles building collapse lawyer at our firm. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.