Dangerous Conditions Of Public Property

When accidents happen on public property, it is sometimes because of the dangerous conditions of the property itself. For example, a design defect on a highway can lead to accidents because a curve wasn't banked properly. The lack of properly installed and maintained guard rails along a cliff or drop off could lead to accidents, injuries and wrongful death.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent clients in claims against the government for injuries caused by dangerous conditions on public property. We not only represent clients who were harmed because of design flaws on roads and highways, we also represent those injured because of the negligence of CALTRANS workers in highway construction zones.

When a disproportionate number of accidents occur at the same intersection or bend in the highway, the design of the road itself may be at fault.

How do you know if the accident that injured you was caused by a dangerous or defective road condition? A lawyer who knows the law and understands the responsibilities of governmental entities can analyze the facts and determine whether you have a valid negligence claim.

Not All Accidents Are Caused by Vehicles or Drivers

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we have won cases for clients involving:

  • Inadequate drainage that led to excessive pooling of water on a freeway
  • Dangerous, defective or missing guardrails
  • Defective or missing gates and signals at railway crossings
  • Failure to place protective barriers at a gore point, a triangular area where traffic lanes merge or split marked by solid white lines.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have succeeded in a wide range of claims against government entities, including those involving dangerous conditions on public property. To discuss your case, please contact us. We represent clients injured by dangerous conditions on public property in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.