Inadequate Vehicle Barriers - Putting Pedestrians in Peril

Pedestrians and vehicles do not mix. Yet it is amazing how many venues place the lives of pedestrians in peril by failing to install proper crash protection devices. Open-air markets, street fairs, parks, schools, sidewalk cafes, patios and other roadside dining areas can all pose significant dangers to pedestrians if proper precautions are ignored.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent people who were injured because of lack of proper crash protection devices. We also represent family members of those who died in such accidents.

The Santa Monica Farmers' Market Tragedy

One of the worst pedestrian tragedies in history occurred in 2003, when an 86-year-old man stepped on his Buick's accelerator rather than on the brake. He careened into Santa Monica's farmer's market, killing 10 people and injuring 63 others.

Heavy metal safety posts called bollards should have been installed to keep motor vehicles away from the pedestrian area, as they had been on a nearby street.

Bushes Are Not Adequate Protection

Our skilled trial lawyers have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for people injured because of property owners' failure to install crash protection devices. In one case, a sidewalk café was separated from a parking lot only by a hedge. The greenery did nothing to protect our client when a vehicle rammed through the bushes.

We represent clients in inadequate crash protection cases on a contingency basis. Clients pay no costs or fees unless we obtain financial compensation for the damages they have endured.

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