Metro Subway Railroad Accidents

Statistically speaking, riding in a train, light rail, subway or other form of public transit is safer than driving one's own car. But when train and subway accidents do occur, the cost in terms of lives and human suffering can be enormous.

Representing Victims of the Chatsworth Metrolink Crash

Few people can forget the tragedy of the Chatsworth Metrolink train wreck that killed 25 people and injured 135 others in September 2008.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, was selected as a member of the plaintiffs' steering committee for the Chatsworth train wreck case. In that position, our attorneys advocate in the best interests of all accident victims.

A Record of Success

Our law firm has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for train and subway accident victims and for the family members of those who died wrongful deaths.

Our law firm has the knowledge, experience and resources to maximize results in train and subway accidents. The skill of our attorneys is complemented by our in-house staff of investigators, model builders and demonstrative evidence professionals who collaborate to create powerful courtroom presentations that depict how negligence caused the accident.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation

To protect the rights of our clients, we move quickly to file claims with all appropriate governmental entities, such as the Southern California Regional Rail Authority and the MTA. Failure to file in a timely manner or failure to file with the correct jurisdiction can leave victims unable to pursue compensation for damages.

Railroad, railroad crossing and subway accidents often result in extremely serious, life-altering injuries involving brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, burns, internal injuries and post-traumatic stress. They can be caused by everything from drunk or distracted operators to faulty equipment to inadequate maintenance.

Our lawyers represent people who were injured in train and subway accidents in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, California and the United States. Please contact us to discuss your case.