Crashworthiness and Auto Defect Litigation

Nearly any vehicle will perform adequately and safely under optimum conditions. But what if something goes wrong? Will your car, pickup truck, SUV or van keep you safe in an accident? If not, it may not be a crashworthy vehicle.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, study whether vehicles involved in accidents were crashworthy. Did the design of the vehicle itself contribute to the injuries or fatalities of the vehicle occupants during a crash?

Vehicle crashworthiness encompasses several important safety issues, including:

  • Crush control measures aimed at preventing roof crush and compression of the cabin in order to maintain survival space for occupants
  • Restraint systems, such as airbags and seat belts, to minimize injuries to occupants inside the vehicle and to avoid injuries associated with ejected passengers
  • Anti-ejection measures designed to keep occupants inside the vehicle
  • Fire prevention techniques to avoid injuries and fatalities from flames, fumes and explosions

Working with in-house investigators and industry experts, we analyze a vehicle to determine whether the injuries our client sustained were caused fully or in part by a vehicle that was not crashworthy. If so, we will work to prove that an alternative design was available but the manufacturer chose not to incorporate it into the vehicle design.

Vehicle crashworthiness can be an important element of an auto defect claim, particularly in single vehicle collision cases involving pickup trucks, SUVs and 15-passenger vans.

Most victims of car accidents and many attorneys have no idea whether crashworthiness played a role in an accident that led to injury or death. Our legal team understands how design of a vehicle affects overall safety. That means we are able to identify potential problems and pursue full compensation for damages.

Please contact our law firm to discuss your case. Our lawyers represent clients in Los Angeles, Southern California and California who were seriously injured by auto defects. We also advise and consult with attorneys and clients across the United States.