The Dangers of Child Safety Seats

Child seats are intended to save lives and prevent injuries to the youngest motor vehicle passengers. Unfortunately, defectively designed child seats and vehicle seats can actually cause serious injuries and fatalities to infants and toddlers.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent clients whose children died or sustained life-altering injuries because of dangerous or defective child seats and booster seats. We also represent clients in cases involving vehicle seats that caused or failed to prevent serious harm to children.

We successfully represented the family of a toddler who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury because a Cosco Grand Explorer shield booster seat and the back seat of the Jeep it was strapped into were poorly designed.

Our lawyers represent clients whose children have been injured by:

  • Driver's seat backs that collapse and injure children in the back seat
  • Backless booster seats that provide no head or neck protection
  • Shield-type booster seats that lack upper torso restraints and allow children to hit their heads or slip out of the seat
  • Convertible child carriers that come apart
  • Vehicle seats that are not adequately designed for use with child seats

Inadequate Safety Standards

Part of the problem with car seat injuries is the lack of adequate safety standards for manufacturers of child car seats. For example, there are no requirements for safe performance in a child seat in a rear- or side-impact accident or rollover.

Children who are too big for a child seat and too small to be adequately restrained by the vehicle's seat belt system, often called the "forgotten children," are also at high risk for injury.

To learn more about the legal issues involved in child seat injury litigation, please read " Kids and Cars: The Hidden Dangers."

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