California Seat Back Failure Attorneys

When A Seat Back Fails

Imagine driving along a city street when you are rear-ended at 30 miles per hour. The impact of the crash forces your weight back, hard, against the seat back, which collapses. You fall backward, away from the steering wheel, and crash into the back seat. Now imagine that your young child is sitting in the seat behind you.

Experienced in Seat Back Failure Litigation

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent clients who have lived through this nightmare scenario. We also represent the family members of those who were not so lucky to survive accidents caused by seat back failures. We have obtained significant amounts of financial compensation for clients in seat back failure cases, including those involving Chrysler minivans.

Auto makers install inadequate seats in their least expensive vehicles in order to save money. Cutting corners on safety ends up costing lives.

"Jocelyn Aboytes, age two-and-one-half, was in a car seat directly behind her father, when her family's minivan was rear-ended at 20 mph. Her father's seat back collapsed, causing his head to crush her skull, leaving her with severe brain damage, paralysis and blindness in one eye." — Attorney Christine Spagnoli

Ford, GM, Chrysler — all the major auto makers are aware of the problems posed by unsafe seat backs. They argue that their seat backs meet safety requirements. The problem, however, is that safety standards are not strict enough to prevent injury and death caused by seat back failures.

Seat Back Collapse

Seat backs tend to fail in rear-end accidents. They can also fail under normal driving conditions. Seat back failures cause injuries and fatalities in two ways. The first involves injury to the seat occupant.

When the seat back fails, the occupant can ramp up the collapsing seat back and strike their head on a hard surface behind them resulting in severe head or spinal cord damage.

Catastrophic Injuries to Rear Seat Passengers

The second way people are injured in seat back failures is by the impact of the collapsed seat on the back seat passengers, who are frequently children. These passengers suffer catastrophic brain injuries and injuries to the head and chest. Many do not survive.

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