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Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI: The Silent Epidemic

About 1.5 million people in America suffer a traumatic brain injury every year. That's more than six times the number of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis combined.

About 50,000 people die of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) annually and another 5.3 million people are currently living with a disability due to a traumatic brain injury.

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have a long and successful record of representing people who suffered brain injuries in accidents caused by negligence. We also represent the family members of those who died a wrongful death due to brain injuries.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries are primarily caused by a direct blow to the head. Indirect head trauma, which often occurs in car accidents or falls, can also lead to traumatic brain injuries.

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury range from persistent headache, confusion, dizziness, memory loss and personality changes to blurred vision and ringing in the ears, to trouble thinking, concentrating, speaking and moving. Brain injuries can lead to coma and death.

Representing the Injured

In every case, we analyze the facts of the case and explore all possible sources of liability. Then we aggressively pursue full compensation for damages. Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, by a defective product or through any act of negligence, you can rely on our experienced attorneys to help you maximize the result in your brain injury case.

Our lawyers represent clients in brain injury liability lawsuits in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California. To discuss your case, please contact our office in Santa Monica.

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