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Defective Load Range E Tires

The tire defect lawyers of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, were instrumental in identifying problems with Load Range E (LRE) tires that caused numerous injuries and fatalities. Our work led to the eventual recall of certain Goodyear LRE tires, which were installed on large SUVs, pick up trucks, ambulances and 15 passenger vans.

National Leadership in Load Range E Tire Litigation

In the 1990s, attorney Christine Spagnoli represented clients in a number of cases involving accidents caused by tread separation on SUVs and 15 passenger vans equipped with Goodyear LRE tires. Spagnoli became convinced that these were not isolated incidents. She forwarded her case findings and results to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Goodyear load range E tires were responsible for 150 deaths in just 40 cases.

Based on her work, NHTSA opened an investigation into Goodyear LRE tires in 2000. Two years later, Goodyear voluntarily recalled 200,000LRE tires — those used on 15 passenger vans and ambulances. The company produced 27 million such tires and millions of them may still be on the road.

Covering Up the Truth

Since 1995, Goodyear knew these tires had problems with tire tread separation, a defect that could cause serious accidents and injuries. Goodyear did not report the findings of its internal investigation to the government. In 1996, the company changed the tire design, adding a nylon cap to the tire. This fix was phased in over a four-year period. All the while, preventable deaths and injuries continued to occur.

One of those cases involved our client, a U.S. Air Force captain who was killed while traveling in Saudi Arabia in a GMC Suburban. The truck's Goodyear LRE tires unraveled, causing the vehicle to roll over two-and-a-half times. Our law firm obtained a confidential settlement against Goodyear in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the captain's family.

In another such case, an LAPD bomb squad officer became a paraplegic after a Goodyear Load Range E on his LAPD bomb squad vehicle had a tread separation while he was en route to an emergency. We obtained a confidential settlement from Goodyear on his behalf. To learn more about our successes in tire defect litigation, please visit our case results page.

Are You Driving on Defective LRE Tires?

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's tire and vehicle recall page to find out.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident that may have been caused by defective LRE tires, please contact Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. Our tire defect lawyers represent clients in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, California and nationwide.

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