Valve Stem Defects

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Do Your Tires Have Valve Stem Defects?

In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into tire valve stem defects. The defective valve stems crack at the base and leak air. The resulting tire under-inflation can affect the handling of a vehicle, cause tires to fail or blow out and lead to serious accidents, injuries and fatalities.

The valve stems in question were imported from China by Dill Air Controls Products.

The investigation was triggered by a fatal rollover crash of a 1998 Ford Explorer. Another case involving a 2001 Toyota Sienna may also have been linked to defective valve stems imported by Dill.

The tire retailer Discount Tires conducted a three-month vehicle inspection program in 2008 and identified about 23,000 defective valve stems. While defective valve stems are found on many vehicles, they are frequently found on 2007 model year Fords.

What Can You Do?

  • Inspect the valve stems on your vehicles for leaks or cracks. Take a flashlight and closely check the base of the valves, bending them over to inspect all sides. If the valve stems are cracked, take your vehicle to the dealership where you bought it or to the retailer where you purchased the tires and ask for the stems to be replaced.
  • Check valve stems and tire pressure every month as part of your regular tire maintenance routine.

If you were seriously injured or if a member of your family was killed in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to have your case thoroughly evaluated for possible auto and tire defects, including valve stem defects.

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