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Vehicle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

California Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The California Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that more than 100 California bikers are killed and thousands are injured in motor vehicle-bicycle collisions each year. Many more suffered serious or disabling injuries from car-bike accidents.

If you were seriously injured or if a member of your family died a wrongful death in a bicycle accident, it is important to speak to an experienced California bicycle accident attorney about your legal rights and options.

At the Santa Monica law firm of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, our skilled trial lawyers have a track record of achieving successful and significant financial recovery for the victims of bicycle accidents. We have the knowledge, determination and resources required to maximize results for our injured clients.

We represent people injured in bicycle accidents caused by the negligent or reckless actions of others, including cases involving:

  • Aggressive or careless driving
  • Road rage
  • Improperly designed bike lanes or other dangerous road conditions resulting from governmental errors
  • Opening vehicle doors in a cyclist's path
  • Improperly designed bicycles or components and defective bike helmets ( product liability cases)

The Evidence It Takes to Win

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we are diligent in investigating bicycle accident cases because we need to prove to a skeptical insurer that our client deserves compensation or to prove to a skeptical jury that our client was not at fault.

We have the resources it takes to investigate bike accident cases. We start with the police report but we never end there. We maintain an evidence warehouse where we store damaged vehicles for post-crash examination, testing and mechanical review. We locate and interview witnesses. We look for any available video of the accident location. We examine road conditions, signage, visibility and lighting. When appropriate, we take aerial photographs and road photographs.

Our firm has been named the "#1 personal injury law firm in California" by Best Lawyers in America, and a Top Tier national firm in Products Liability by US News and World Reports/ Best Lawyers.

Put Skill and Experience on Your Side in Court

To speak to us about your bicycling accident claim, please contact the bike injury lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent injured cyclists in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, the South Bay area and throughout Southern California. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.

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Much of our firm's work involves taking on large corporations, insurance companies and government agencies. By and large, these entities oppose change and will expend seemingly unlimited resources to preserve the status quo. At GB&W, we relish taking on this level of opposition. Through our many years of practice, our personal injury lawyers and staff have achieved unparalleled success in trial and other forums against these opponents. Taking on these companies serves a dual purpose. First, our efforts help our clients recover the compensation they need to move forward after a life-changing injury. Secondly, our work makes communities safer places to live. In this way, everyone can benefit from our work. [ more » ]