Bus Accidents

Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorneys

Lawyers Representing the Victims of California Bus Accidents and Las Vegas Casino Tour Bus Crashes

Every day tens of thousands of California residents, visitors and tour groups travel our city streets and California highways by bus. While public transit is generally safe, accidents do occur because of driver negligence, unsafe driving practices, poor maintenance, defective parts, and dangerous road conditions.

Whether a city-owned bus or a tour bus, buses are common carriers and therefore legally required to use the highest degree of care to ensure passengers' safety and well-being. Yet, we continue to learn of catastrophic bus accidents caused by driver error or mechanical problems, such as the 2013 Scapadas Magicas LLC bus accident in Yucaipa, California. While the government looks at enacting regulations to make bus travel safer, the legal system must do its part to hold bus drivers, companies and manufacturers accountable.

If a passenger is injured, he or she can sue the private bus company or the municipality that operates the bus company.

Likewise, if you were a pedestrian or biker hit by a bus, or a driver or passenger in a vehicle hit by a bus, you have a right to bring an insurance claim or a lawsuit to get fair compensation.

Mutli-Million Settlement for California Tour Bus Accident: In May, 2008, a Royal American tour bus crash on Interstate 40 injured 23 passengers. GB&T represented eight of these passengers and was vital in securing a multi-million dollar settlement.

The California bus accident attorneys at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent people who have been hurt in private and public bus accidents in Los Angeles, in communities across Southern California, and throughout the state of California. We represent residents of California as well as tourists injured while visiting California.

Contact our Los Angeles office if you were hurt or a loved one was killed in an accident involving:

  • A private bus company such as Scapadas Magicas, Greyhound, National Express Coach, or Coach Skyline
  • Charter tour buses such as Caravan, CalTours, Orion Pacific, Royal American Tours, Las Vegas casino tour buses along Highway 15, and others
  • An MTA bus, or other Los Angeles area buses including Antelope Valley Transit bus, Burbank local bus, Carson circuit bus, El Monte Transit Service bus, Municipal Area Express, Norwalk Transit
  • A Santa Monica Big Blue bus
  • A San Diego area MTS bus
  • An OCTA bus or other buses in Orange county
  • A Culver CityBus or Torrance Transit bus
  • A school bus
  • Bus service into the Valley, such as a Glendale Bee Line bus, a Golden Empire Transit bus, or a Santa Clarita Transit bus

We Know Where to Look and What to Look For

Personal injury cases are won or lost based on their persuasiveness at trial, which can rest on the effective use of evidence. GB&W employs in-house investigators and professionals whose work is vital to uncovering the true cause of an accident with injuries.

From independent engineering experts who review the accident scene and the vehicles involved, to investigators who locate and interview witnesses, our comprehensive evidence gathering is a significant factor in the successful results we achieve for our clients.

For example, in a case involving a bicyclist hit by an MTA bus, the bus driver denied that he had hit the cyclist and failed to file an accident report. We located a passerby who saw the accident and who had followed the bus and gotten its plate number. We tracked down the exact bus and obtained the onboard video (DVR), which clearly showed the bus hitting our client.

If you've been involved in a California bus accident, get immediate, experienced legal help. Contact Los Angeles tour bus accident lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP.