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June 2012 Archives

How to Stop Drunk Driving Among Santa Monica Teens

In our last post we discussed a tragic car accident which killed a 19-year-old and sent an 18-year-old to jail. Car accidents are the leading killer of California teens and alcohol plays a role in many of these crashes.

Scientist Discovers How To Detect Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is illegal in California and many other states, but texting while driving bans are difficult to enforce. One physicist may have made the enforcement of texting bans easier however. The scientist decided to tackle the issue of texting while driving after hearing transportation secretary Ray LaHood speak about texting as a "deadly epidemic" on our country's roads. The physicist had teenage daughters at the time and he wondered if there was a scientific way to address the problem of texting-while-driving car accidents which impact so many teens the age of his children.

Report: Speed Limiters Would Reduce Truck Accidents

A recent report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concludes that the adoption of speed limiter devices in trucks would drastically cut down on the number of serious truck accidents. Truck accidents are among the most deadly types of crashes in California. The likelihood of a fatality or catastrophic injury increases with the speed of the truck involved in a crash.

Study: Failing to Signal More Dangerous Than Distracted Driving

Texting while driving is dangerous - we all know that. A driver who is distracted by a mobile phone is more likely to cause a serious car accident because a car can travel hundreds of feet while a text is being composed. This is one of the reasons why texting while driving is banned in California.

Feds fine Contractor after Worker's Wrongful Death

Federal safety regulators recently issued $52,000 in proposed fines to an electrical contractor whose failure to follow health and safety procedures lead to a worker's wrongful death at a jobsite. The worker was electrocuted last December while working at rural job site in Montana.

Los Angeles County Woman Awarded $415k in Slip and Fall Lawsuit

A California woman was recently awarded almost $415,000 in a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a Costco store. The woman shattered her knee cap after slipping on liquid soap that probably leaked from a cart.

Study: Lives Could Be Saved by Tougher Teen Driving Laws

A recent study indicates that tougher restrictions on teen drivers could save approximately 2,000 lives per year. The study was conducted by the National Safety Council and concluded that the adoption of more "graduated driver licensing" laws would greatly improve traffic safety throughout the country by reducing the number of teen car accidents.

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