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October 2012 Archives

Family Files Lawsuit In Tragic Trucking Accident Case, Pt. 1

A new lawsuit illustrates some common factors in California wrongful death cases. After a tragic motor vehicle accident accident killed a California family, their loved ones are suing the truck companies and drivers involved. This is the first of two posts that will look at what happened and some special issues involved in this case.

More Football Criticism: Five Kids Get Concussions In Same Game

A Pop Warner youth football game turned uglier than usual when one team of 10, 11, and 12-year-olds suffered no fewer than five concussions. Coaches, medical staff, and league officials stood by and even let some injured boys keep playing after suffering head injuries. While the league has now taken steps to punish those adults for not responding to the injuries, this game is another example of the big risks for young athletes.

Update: Report Shows Sterilization Failures Behind Meningitis

In the last week, the fungal meningitis outbreak has claimed four more lives, bringing the count of fatalities to 23. More than 300 people are now sick as a result of a batch of contaminated steroid injections. As we discussed last week, these steroids need to remain sterile at all points during production. Because the steroids cannot contain preservatives, they are very vulnerable to contamination from outside sources.

New Drugs Concern FDA As Fatal Meningitis Outbreak Continues

Fungal meningitis fears have spread across the country in recent weeks as a contaminated steroid batch sickened hundreds of victims. The most recent numbers say that around 250 people have contracted fungal meningitis and 19 of those cases were fatal. Given the long incubation period for fungal meningitis, however, more cases will certainly develop in the coming weeks.

Brain Injuries And Sports: Football Is Not The Only Problem

Football has attracted a lot of attention to traumatic brain injuries and public awareness of long-term dangers is starting to grow. But, as Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s decision to bow out of upcoming races demonstrates, brain injury risks are not limited to full-contact sports like football and hockey. Parents need to be aware of the risks in all sports. If school or athletic staffers fail to recognize signs of a concussion, severe and long-lasting brain injuries can result.

Truck Flips School Bus, Injuring 16 Children

Another school bus crash this week interrupted the ride home from school for 40 California children. Sixteen of those children sustained personal injuries when the bus flipped on its side after the crash-two of them suffered serious injuries, including a possible head injury.

10-Year-Old Football Bounties And Brain Injuries

Just as brain injuries in professional sports are attracting more and more attention, a youth sports league is investigating whether its coaches ran a "bounty" program in one of its South California teams. Football bounty programs are schemes in which coaches offer rewards or incentives for players to inflict game-ending injuries on the other team's best athletes.

Pedestrian Fatality Statistics: Los Angeles Is Second Most Deadly

A national study from the University of Michigan released new research on pedestrian and biker fatality rates. Unsurprisingly, big cities saw more of both. The size of the gap may surprise some, however.

Honda expands recalls

Honda has expanded a recall from last March. According to the Los Angeles Times, the recall now includes 820,000 Civic sedans of model years 2002 and 2003 and Pilot SUVs of model year 2004 and 2005. The recall affects cars in the U.S.

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