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January 2013 Archives

Ravens' safety on brain injuries: "I don't want [my son] to play football."

Last week, we discussed brain injuries in high school football. Now, with the Super Bowl approaching, more media outlets -- and football players -- are taking up the topic. In a recent New York Times story, one professional football player, Baltimore Ravens' safety Bernard Pollard, even went so far as to say he would not let his son play football because of the risk of brain injury.

California car insurance: Optional coverages

An important thing to note about insurance coverage is that the insurance coverages required in California only cover you if you injure someone else. They do not pay for damage to your car or your injuries after a car accident. "That shouldn't matter," you might think, "everyone else needs to carry car insurance, so their insurance will cover my injuries."

California car insurance: Required coverages

Car insurance is complicated, but having the right insurance is vital. Too many people will accept what their insurance salesman tells them without looking into the facts. Others will purchase only the mandatory required car insurance limits without understanding what that could mean for the future.

MRIs more effective than CT scans at detecting mild traumatic brain injury

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH) have found that hospital MRIs are more effective at detecting mild traumatic brain injury after a car accident (or other accident) than traditional CT scans.

NHTSA: Increase electric vehicle noise to reduce pedestrian accidents

Most people prefer quiet cars to noisy cars; silence to road noise. Yet, in the case of electric and hybrid vehicles, that silence could be deadly. When travelling at low speeds, those cars do not have to use gas or diesel engines, which means they are much quieter. This causes problems when pedestrians, bicyclists and even other cars, cannot hear their approach. It is especially challenging for walkers who are visually impaired.

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