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October 2014 Archives

This Information From the CDC Should Scare You

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - you know it as the CDC, the agency that (in the spirit of Halloween) would ostensibly try to control an apocalyptic zombie outbreak - has published comprehensive information this month on motor vehicle crash injuries in the US. (Since we've referenced zombies, it makes sense here to point out that Halloween tends to be a riskier time for pedestrians, especially children roaming the streets.)

Tort Reform, Schmort Reform: Limiting Medical Malpractice Suits May Not Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

Jason Millman with the Washington Post writes about the results of a Rand study showing that "tort reform" may not do what proponents thought it would do. (See "Study: Don't expect big health-care savings from medical malpractice reform.") The goal of tort reform is to limit the right of injured patients to sue for medical malpractice and thereby drive down the costs of healthcare by easing doctors' so-called compulsion to practice defensive medicine.

Risk of Sports-related Concussions Not Limited to Football Players

Alexandra Sifferlin with Time Magazine reports that concussions may influence girls differently than boys (see "How A Girl's Brain Changes After a Traumatic Brain Injury"). The findings come from the journal PLOS ONE, which describes itself as an international, peer-reviewed, open-access publication that publishes the results of primary research in any scientific discipline.

Faulty G.M. Ignition Switch Just One of 'Array of Concealed Defects'

Apparently, the only thing new about the "new G.M.," as it is known, is the fact that it survived the Great Recession after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Catholic Dioceses Stagger Under Weight of Sex Abuse Settlements

$1.2 billion: That's the number reported by the Catholic News Agency (CNA) last year regarding a rash of sex abuse lawsuits against the Catholic Church in California. After the state legislature made a change to the statute of limitations in the 2000s, victims of sex abuse brought roughly 1,000 lawsuits that resulted in around $1.2 billion in damages.

Racism in the Workplace (In Case You Thought This Didn't Happen Anymore)

No employee appears to have been fired. All but one resigned, as Victoria Prieskop reports for Courthouse News Service ("The Worst Boss in the World?"). The employer, an hotelier with four properties in his portfolio, apparently believed his employees' resignations would insulate him from being sued for employer misconduct.

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