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October 2016 Archives

Sanitation truck accident claims in Los Angeles

Garbage trucks are some of the largest, heaviest and slowest moving vehicles you will encounter on residential roadways. However, this does not mean that garbage truck drivers and garbage truck owners -- the city -- follow safe practices when using these cumbersome vehicles. In fact, did you know that garbage trucks cause a large number of crashes each year in Los Angeles?

13 dead after tour bus crashes near Palm Springs

13 people died and 31 were injured in a tour bus accident in the desert near Palm Springs early Sunday morning. In the middle of the night, the bus collided with the back of a big rig truck in California's deadliest crash in decades.

Meet the winners of the GBW scholarship

Earlier this year, Greene Broillet & Wheeler offered five scholarships of $1,000 each to help exceptional young people continue their education journey. Our motto is "Where Success is a Tradition" and we are extremely proud to see the next generation of thinkers, workers and, perhaps, attorneys start making success their own tradition.

Accommodations employers must make for pregnant women

If you are expecting a child, the life of your job or what your employment will look like from here may worry you. You may be wondering if you'll be treated differently at work, if you'll face discrimination because of your pregnancy, or if you'll even have a job after you have your child.

Three steps to protect your rights when your car is defective

If you're constantly taking your car to the shop, consider looking into an auto defect claim.

With the exception of real estate property, your car might be the most expensive asset you own. A vehicle is a significant investment, whether it's a brand new sportscar or a used beater off the lot.

California bans ALL handheld device use behind the wheel

California is strengthening its laws against distracted driving. Learn what you can and can't do behind the wheel.

According to the California Highway Patrol, distracted driving caused by handheld devices caused hundreds of crashes last year - including nearly 700 crashes resulting in properly damages, more than 500 injuries and 12 fatalities. State law prohibits talking on the phone and sending text messages, but is it enough?

New California law aimed at first-time drunk drivers

In most states, penalties for drunk driving get more severe with each offense. Often offenders can get away without serving any jail time for a first-time DUI. But to everyone sharing the road with an impaired motorist, a first-time offender is just as dangerous as a habitual drunk driver. And just because a person has been caught driving drunk for the first time doesn't necessarily mean that they have never driven under the influence before.

The Right Way to Write Legal Documents

Concise and clear writing is expected of lawyers but legal writing doesn't always come easy. There are many pitfalls trial lawyers will encounter and specific court rules to follow. By having a clear understanding of the challenges and paying close attention to guidelines, the legal writing process will go much more smoothly.

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