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April 2017 Archives

Car accident claims 1 life in North Hollywood

Everybody in Los Angeles knows how dangerous L.A. traffic is. Nevertheless, we brave the traffic every day to go to work, take our kids to school and meet friends for a night on the town. Sometimes, we brave this traffic as drivers, and sometimes we brave it as passengers. As passengers, we want to make sure that we're riding with a driver we trust.

No one expects to be electrocuted

When electrical injuries strike, it is always a surprise. Electricity gives no warning, and its effects are unpredictable. The damage they cause can be superficial, resulting in burns to the skin and outer body, or the damage can be profound, affecting the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes and other organs.

Know what points to address in a spinal cord injury claim

In a recent blog post, we discussed how a man recently walked for the first time following a spinal cord injury. These types of stories are rare, but they are a source of hope. We know that it is a difficult thing to hear when you find out that you have suffered a spinal cord injury. These injuries can impact your life in a host of ways.

Breakthrough spinal cord treatment helps man walk

The Mayo Clinic announced that it has achieved great strides in spinal cord treatment. Through the use of electrical stimulation and physical therapy, the Mayo Clinic has helped a paralyzed man stand. He was even able to move his legs and complete step-like motions. It was the first time he'd moved like that since his paralysis three years ago.

How Congress' efforts to gut class actions hurt the working class

Congress is considering a bill that would have far-reaching effects for the entire American justice system and potentially influence the lives of countless people - though it hasn't garnered the same attention as health care legislation or other controversial issues.

Burn injuries might lead to compensation claims

Burn injuries are traumatic. Think about the pain when you have a small splatter burn from cooking. The pain is often great. For people with severe burns across larger portions of their body, the recovery process can seem like torture. In some cases, the treatments can be very painful but they are crucial for recovery.

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