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Medical Malpractice Archives

Sleep deprived doctors more likely to make errors

Doctors spend an average of 14 years training for their job. School is stressful; fellowship hours are long and the learning curve is steep. From the training emerge the best minds in medicine - but is there a dark side to the white coat? Extended training and fellowship hours threaten the health of doctors in residency and the patients in their care, and the problem could be getting worse.

Family Alleges CRMC is Covering Up a Doctor's Malpractice

Last August, we blogged about a doctor at Fresno's Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) who had a fourth medical malpractice lawsuit filed against him. This doctor and CRMC were recently in the news again, as part of a 30 Action News/ABC30 News story centered on another of the doctor's alleged victims.

'Unprecedented' Improvement in Number of Medical Errors in U.S. Hospitals

Probably the biggest news in the last week on the healthcare front is the report out of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS officials say that medical errors in U.S. hospitals went down 17 percent from 2010 to 2013.

Voters Reject Prop. 46, Current Limit on Compensation for Pain and Suffering Remains

In an earlier post, we referenced the distinct possibility that making it harder for injured patients to bring medical malpractice claims against negligent doctors or other health care providers may not do much in terms of lowering healthcare costs (tort reform, schmort reform).

Tort Reform, Schmort Reform: Limiting Medical Malpractice Suits May Not Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

Jason Millman with the Washington Post writes about the results of a Rand study showing that "tort reform" may not do what proponents thought it would do. (See "Study: Don't expect big health-care savings from medical malpractice reform.") The goal of tort reform is to limit the right of injured patients to sue for medical malpractice and thereby drive down the costs of healthcare by easing doctors' so-called compulsion to practice defensive medicine.

The New Tiers of Children's Surgical Care

Laura Landro with the Wall Street Journal reports that the American College of Surgeons has created a three-tier classification system that should help hospitals and parents make better decisions when it comes to children's healthcare in acute cases ("Programs Aim to Standardize Surgical Care for Children").

Fresno Heart Surgeon Sued for Malpractice, Again

Dr. Pervaiz Chaudhry and Community Regional Medical Center have been sued by the family of a man, Gregory Riddle, who died shortly after Dr. Chaudhry operated on him. As Rick Montanez reported for KFSN News, the family hadn't known the Medical Board of California was investigating the case until the Board called at home.

JFK Memorial Hospital and Palo Verde Hospitals Sued in Flesh Eating Bacteria Case

Two California hospitals were recently sued by the family of a patient who died of necrotizing fasciitis, otherwise known as flesh-eating bacteria.

This case involves 45-year-old Cosme Camargo Jr., who was brought to the Palo Verde emergency room complaining of pain and swelling in his left arm. Surgeons at the hospital noted a blood flow blockage and operated on the arm to restore circulation.

Garfield Medical Center Sued After Death of a Patient

A Los Angeles County Medical Center was recently sued for wrongful death by the daughter of a patient who died after surgery.

The case involved a patient named Hung Sun Tam, who was in a car accident in which he injured his stomach and shoulder. Mr. Tam was rushed to Garfield Medical Center where he was diagnosed with peritonitis, hypotension and stomach fluid.

Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group Sued for Malpractice

A Santa Cruz area medical group was recently sued by a woman who claims to have suffered a life-threatening reaction to a medicine that it prescribed.

Kathleen Hardin developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENs) after being prescribed Lamictal (Lamotrigine) by Dr. Sharon S. Jamieson of the Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group.

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