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Three steps to protect your rights when your car is defective

If you're constantly taking your car to the shop, consider looking into an auto defect claim.

With the exception of real estate property, your car might be the most expensive asset you own. A vehicle is a significant investment, whether it's a brand new sportscar or a used beater off the lot.

GM Recalls and Bankruptcy: A Compilation

As we've recently mentioned, General Motors (GM) continues to be in the news for issues related to its bankruptcy and recall lawsuits. We've blogged on these issues many times during the past few years; in this post you will find a compilation of some of our most recent and most viewed posts on GM-related topics.

Keurig® MINI Plus: Recalled Due to Danger of Burn Injuries

Everywhere you look today, there seems to be a Keurig® brewing system. As enticing and easy to use (just pick your flavor, insert the cup and brew) as these machines may be, some of them contain a hidden danger that can lead to life-altering injuries.

CPSC Releases Report on Dangerous Nursery Products

When parents buy nursery-related products (cribs, playpens, strollers, baby gates) for their children, they trust that those products are safe and will make their children's lives better. Unfortunately, every year tens of thousands of children are harmed, and hundreds of children are killed, in incidents associated with nursery products.

Dangerous Toy Lists for 2014/2015

In the past, we have blogged during the holiday season about the dangers that certain defective toys and hazardous toy materials pose to children. With the holiday season reaching its end, it is time to once again assess which toys have been deemed substantially dangerous heading into 2015.

Pharmacuetical Marketing Practices Draw Increased Scrutiny

When a doctor prescribes medication, we trust that he or she is doing so because it is in a patient's best interests. This is especially true if a narcotic or other potentially habit-forming medication is needed in the course of medical care. But what if the prescription was motivated by financial incentives for the doctor instead of the patient's well-being? Or, what if you knew that the pharmaceutical company had targeted doctors with a history of discipline or inappropriately prescribing medication to promote its products?

CPSC Attempts To Combat Dangerous Holiday Lights And Decorations

The holiday season is approaching, and with it an increasing number of holiday lights and decorations are in view. But did you know that behind these colorful displays hides the possibility of serious injury and death? Although injuries are down from their peak in the 1980s and 1990s - when approximately 48 people were injured and 13 people were killed in holiday lighting accidents each year - these products still pose a continued danger.

Proposed Legislation Intended to Help Generic Drug Makers Compete

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, says that deaths from drug overdoses - prescription painkillers - have "more than tripled since 1990," according to this policy impact report. In this context, prescription painkillers are a serious problem. But painkillers aren't the only dangerous drugs on the market. Birth control drugs, diabetes drugs, and cholesterol-lowering drugs are three types of potentially dangerous medications that also come to mind.

State of Arizona Sues the New General Motors Over Vehicle Defects

Our neighbor to the east, Arizona, has decided to file its own lawsuit against the "New G.M." for having manufactured and marketed thousands of defective vehicles. As we wrote about earlier this month, should General Motors lose its bankruptcy shield, the automaker's liability is likely to increase dramatically.

Should GM Lose Its Bankruptcy Shield, Its Auto Defect Liability Will Balloon

It looks like GM could face the loss of its bankruptcy shield, based on a Bloomberg News report, which as of now protects the automaker from liability tied to vehicles made prior to its bankruptcy in 2009. According to Bloomberg News, whether GM loses its bankruptcy shield depends on whether the judge buys its argument that company executives were not aware of defective switches present in many of their vehicles.

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