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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Know what points to address in a spinal cord injury claim

In a recent blog post, we discussed how a man recently walked for the first time following a spinal cord injury. These types of stories are rare, but they are a source of hope. We know that it is a difficult thing to hear when you find out that you have suffered a spinal cord injury. These injuries can impact your life in a host of ways.

Breakthrough spinal cord treatment helps man walk

The Mayo Clinic announced that it has achieved great strides in spinal cord treatment. Through the use of electrical stimulation and physical therapy, the Mayo Clinic has helped a paralyzed man stand. He was even able to move his legs and complete step-like motions. It was the first time he'd moved like that since his paralysis three years ago.

How do you help the victim of a suspected spinal injury?

The first instinct many people have when they see someone seriously injured right in front of their eyes is to rush to their aid -- but in California, that can sometimes come back to haunt a would-be Good Samaritan. The law that applies to rescue attempts is somewhat narrowly defined, which means that you can still be sued for making someone worse if you take unnecessary risks.

What should I ask before choosing a rehabilitation facility?

Following a serious spinal cord injury, California patients will be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Once the injury is stabilized, however, patients may be taken to a rehabilitation center where they will continue to recover and get better. However, not all rehab facilities are the same -- some may not have the facilities you require. They're not the same quality either.

How can I prevent a pedestrian crash?

If you've ever been to a school with preschool-age children, you know how impulsive children can be. They might dart off and start running at a moment's notice just because they saw something interesting across the street. This means that the caregivers of preschool children need to be careful.

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