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Accommodations employers must make for pregnant women

If you are expecting a child, the life of your job or what your employment will look like from here may worry you. You may be wondering if you'll be treated differently at work, if you'll face discrimination because of your pregnancy, or if you'll even have a job after you have your child.

Whistleblowers Handsomely Rewarded in 2014

Judy Greenwald for Business Insurance reports that SEC whistleblower tips are up 10 percent this year, along with a record number of awards. One of those awards includes the famous (or infamous, from the defense perspective) award of $30 million to one whistleblower in a case where the SEC successfully went after the violator.

Racism in the Workplace (In Case You Thought This Didn't Happen Anymore)

No employee appears to have been fired. All but one resigned, as Victoria Prieskop reports for Courthouse News Service ("The Worst Boss in the World?"). The employer, an hotelier with four properties in his portfolio, apparently believed his employees' resignations would insulate him from being sued for employer misconduct.

How the Government Mishandles Federal Employees' Discrimination Complaints

Employees have certain rights, including the right to be free from discrimination in the workplace based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

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