Firm History

For over two decades, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP has built its practice and reputation on the belief that a client's rights, and their financial recovery, are maximized by showing a willingness to take their case to a jury.

For the clients we represent, GB&W's attorneys have achieved a phenomenal success rate in jury trials and settlements. All of our attorneys have obtained million dollar or more verdicts and settlements.

From trials involving dangerous products such as defective tires, fuel tanks, pharmaceuticals, and industrial machinery to business torts, accounting and legal malpractice, catastrophic motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death matters, Greene Broillet & Wheeler's attorneys fight relentlessly on behalf of their clients.


Our ability to prevail in the courtroom is evident in our consistent success in winning multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements.

In one of Greene Broillet & Wheeler's most noted cases, we put General Motors on trial, on behalf of several passengers severely burned by one of its defective gas tanks. The jury delivered a landmark $4.9 billion verdict. It is amongst the largest products liability jury awards in American judicial history.

GB&W attorneys have participated in many other high-profile cases, including those involving defective tires and dangerous pharmaceutical products. We were selected to take on Big Tobacco on behalf of the County of Los Angeles, which resulted in a $3.3 billion settlement. We are members of the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for Ford/Firestone cases in California and Plaintiffs' Liaison Counsel for Cooper Tire cases in California. We have also served on the California Plaintiffs Executive Committee for the diet drug Fen-Phen, and have worked on mass tort litigation and class action cases involving asbestos, breast implants, and L-Tryptophan.

We are currently involved in mass tort lawsuits over Vioxx and exposure to welding rod fumes; and we also represent numerous clients in their fraud lawsuits against the University of California, Irvine's Liver Transplant Programs. We are members of the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for the Santa Monica Farmers' Market tragedy.


Since its inception, our Firm has produced an impressive number of trial lawyers, both in terms of quantity and quality. All of the distinguished attorneys currently on our staff have obtained million dollar trial results.

During the early days of the Firm, formerly known as Greene, O'Reilly, Agnew and Broillet, we earned the name of "patron saint of lost causes." Ordinary people, with bad injuries and difficult liability actions, sought help for their extraordinary, life-altering situations.

Where other lawyers hesitated, we jumped in. Early successes allowed us to expand our team and the sophistication of our resources.


Greene Broillet & Wheeler has gained a national reputation for setting new standards in presenting courtroom evidence.

State-of-the-art demonstrative evidence, including sophisticated life-size models of gas tanks, defective tires and other automotive parts, are created by our in-house experts at GB&W's secured warehouse. Our customized evidentiary techniques, which include multimedia presentations and high technology applications, allow us to bring critical demonstrative items right into the courtroom for juries and judges to experience firsthand. GB&W's demonstrative evidence techniques convince juries of the validity of our clients' claims, giving clients an advantage in maximizing compensation and case results.

To prepare for trial and settlement conferences, we may conduct mock trials and focus groups. In this setting, 12 sample jurors hear abbreviated versions of an actual case and we learn from their reactions. This has proven to be a valuable tool that improves our success rate at the settlement table or at trial.


Our foundation is in the working world, and Greene Broillet & Wheeler's work ethic is carried throughout the practice.

As much as technology has strengthened the Firm's abilities, we still employ some old-fashioned practices like hard work, determination and caring. Our clients come to us under catastrophic circumstances and have suffered devastating injuries. Our representation of them is a very personal relationship.

Dedicated To the Community

Our firm has always been dedicated to making our community a better, safer place to be. In 2016, we also began to expand our community focus to the realm of education; we now offer The Greene Broillet & Wheeler Scholarship to deserving individuals who are on the path to a bright educational future.


Within the legal community, we have earned a reputation as "lawyer's lawyers."

Our attorneys appear in Woodward/White's "The Best Lawyers in America." We are recipients of multiple "Trial Lawyer of the Year" honors and top recognitions from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, Consumer Attorneys of California, American Trial Lawyers Association, National Law Journal, California Lawyer, Verdictum Juris Publications, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights, Southern California Super Lawyers and Southern California Rising Stars, and Lawdragon.

As leaders and active members of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, Consumers Attorneys of California, Association of Business Trial Lawyers, Western Trial Lawyers Association and other legal organizations, we continually give back to the community and profession.

GB&W's partners and associates are frequent speakers, authors and strong supporters of high professional standards and ethics. Our attorneys continue to fight for stricter product safety standards and for meaningful measures that hold companies accountable when they place profits over the public's safety.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP's commitment to helping injured people or those deceived in business is long-standing and comprehensive. Our clients know we go the distance to get the job done. And so do our opponents.