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Are you suffering from amnesia after a head injury?

It's in the plot of every cliched soap opera -- the individual suffering from amnesia who struggles to remember his or her past.

Yet amnesia is a real condition where a person's memories, experiences and information elude them. In most cases, though, persons suffering from amnesia still retain their sense of self-identity. More commonly, they struggle with retaining new memories and recalling newly learned information.

Spinal cord injury rehabiltation is lengthy and intense

Suffering an acute spinal cord injury is a tragedy that impact your future. These injuries can occur because of sports injuries, car accidents, diving accidents, trampoline accidents, fights, violence, birth injuries, falls, and a host of other reasons. No matter what caused the spinal cord injury, you are likely going to be facing a difficult recovery.

In some cases, you will be in the hospital for a lengthy amount of time. You might have an entire team of people caring for you to ensure that you remain medically stable and are moving through the rehabilitation phase of recovery. All of this intensive care might help you to overcome the spinal cord injury; however, you might suffer from an injury so devastating that your body will never be the same.

How are traumatic brain injuries treated?

When you think of a concussion, you don't normally consider that it is a mild form of traumatic brain injury, yet it is. However, these minor injuries typically do not require other treatment besides rest, monitoring and perhaps a couple doses of over-the-counter headache remedies.

It is important to note that even after only a minor TBI, the patient should avoid any type of cognitive or physical activities until they have been cleared by a doctor to return to normal daily activities.

Severe burns can lead to disfigurement and other issues

Burn injuries are horrible injuries that can lead to disfigurement. That isn't something that most people are prepared to deal with, especially after having to deal with the searing pain and difficult medical treatments that occurred after the burn injury. There are some ways that you can feel better about social interaction following a disfiguring burn injury.

One way that you might be better prepared for social interactions after a burn injury is to decide how you will answer questions about what happened to cause your scars. While people might still stare and act in an unwelcome manner, you can control how you react.

1 dead, 5 injured in two-vehicle collision with pedestrians

Los Angeles Police Department investigators are still investigating the circumstances behind a recent wreck in North Hollywood.

In the collision a female pedestrian, 63, died, while five more were hurt. The injured included three children walking along with their grandmother, the woman identified by KTLA as their grandmother, who was a resident of the Valley Glen neighborhood.

Spinal cord injuries can affect life expectancy and enjoyment

The recovery process after a spinal cord injury can include various teams of medical professionals. Each team works with the patient on a specific portion of their recovery. Exactly which teams are needed to work on a particular case will be dependent upon how the spinal cord injury has affected the patient. As you can imagine, the recovery process is often costly because of the amount of care, intervention and assistive technology that might be necessary.

You have the option to seek compensation if the spinal cord accident that derailed your life was someone else's fault. We can help you to present a compelling case if you opt to seek compensation to help pay for the bills associated with the spinal cord injury. Those costs can include fees from the rehabilitation and recovery programs that teach you how to live your life after the spinal cord injury.

Ride-share company fails to pay off claims after wreck

The ride-share company Lyft is under fire for its handling of claims surrounding a fatal wreck in 2014 that left one man dead and seriously injured another.

A 24-year-old man died in the collision on I-80 in the westbound lanes in north Sacramento. The two mean had attended a friend's Halloween party and had arranged for a safe ride back home with Lyft when the accident occurred.

Gas hot water heaters pose significant risks

Have you ever thought about the possible hazard that is located within a gas-powered hot water heater? Most people don't. They simply have the hot water heater installed and forget about it unless they aren't getting hot water. That can be a serious issue because of the pilot light and other factors associated with the hot water heater.

The issue that you have to think about is that the pilot light never goes out on a gas hot water heater. When the need arises, that pilot light kicks on the main burners to heat up the water. Even when there is hot water in the tank, the pilot light remains on.

Driver kills 1, injures 8 in wreck

A recent horrific collision in North Hills that resulted in one death and eight injured persons, four of them children, resulted in a murder charge for the 20-year-old driver. She also faces other felony charges, as she is suspected of being involved in an earlier hit-and-run prior to the fatal accident.

Those charges include operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license, hit-and-run that caused injury, gross vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and DUI of a drug resulting in injury.

Distracted driving can lead to accidents, compensation claims

Distracted driving accidents can claim lives and lead to life-altering injuries. While most people automatically think of a cellphone as the distraction, there are actually a bunch of other reasons why a driver might become distracted. No matter what the cause of the distraction, the possible result is still the same.

Some of the distractions drivers might face include the stereo, the climate control system, the GPS system, passengers, food, and reading. Some driver will even try to apply makeup or take care of other grooming activities while they are driving. All of these distractions can lead to an accident.

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