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Know what treatments might entail for a burn injury

When you suffer from a burn injury, the pain that you feel is likely going to be considerable. In some cases, the burn demands that you get medical treatments that might add to the pain temporarily. If you suffered from a serious burn, your medical care team will discuss options for your treatment with you so that you can know what to expect.

Dressings are one of the treatments that are often necessary for burn injuries. These dressings help to prevent germs from getting onto the fragile burned area. Your skin acts as a barrier for germs. When you suffer a burn, the open, raw area can enable germs to get into your body.

Woman facing multiple charges in crash that killed her wife

The wife of a Los Angeles Police Department officer is facing vehicular manslaughter charges for the officer's death in New Year's car crash. She also struck a car being used as an Uber, which was carrying a passenger.

Police say that the 25-year-old woman was driving drunk when she went through a red light at an intersection in Simi Valley shortly after 2 a.m., hitting the Uber. Her wife, who was in the front passenger seat, was fatally injured. The driver and passenger in the Uber were hurt, but survived their injuries.

Why are United States traffic deaths on the rise?

Even though safety technology has been improving in the United States, traffic deaths have increased for the second year in a row. Safety advocates have taken notice.

Last Wednesday, the National Safety Council released the latest traffic fatality figures. The safety organizations estimates indicate that 40,200 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2016, representing a 6 percent increase from 2015. This marks the first time in a decade that over 40,000 people died in car accidents in the space of one year.

The pain after a severe burn injury is harrowing

A burn injury is one that almost always comes with immediate pain. In serious injuries, the pain is prolonged and it can continue while you are going through treatments. It isn't always easy to cope with the pain. It can be particularly bad during dressing changes.

There are many different ways that you might be able to cope with the pain associated with a burn injury. This includes medication management, behavioral therapy, and learning coping techniques. Even with the best methods, breakthrough pain is still possible. This can make you dread even the most normal activities that other people do without thinking.

How the state of California deals with nursing home neglect

We send our elderly loved ones to nursing homes expecting that they will be taken good care of. While this most often is the case, several current studies have shown that this may be wishful thinking. Recently, there have been several cases in California and across the United States that indicate a high level of nursing home neglect.

If you have a friend or family member residing in a nursing home in California, in order to make sure he or she is receiving the proper medical care and attention that they deserve - it is important to understand the law as it applies to nursing home care in California.

The link between traumatic brain injury and incarceration

Traumatic brain injury has become a significant public health issue as the effects of it have become more widely recognized. TBIs can cause not just cognitive impairment but behavioral changes such as increased impulsivity and aggression.

It's not surprising, then, that researchers have studied the connection between TBI and incarceration. One of the most recent and largest studies, conducted by Canadian researchers, looked at 1.4 million young adults between 1997 and 2011.

What should I ask before choosing a rehabilitation facility?

Following a serious spinal cord injury, California patients will be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Once the injury is stabilized, however, patients may be taken to a rehabilitation center where they will continue to recover and get better. However, not all rehab facilities are the same -- some may not have the facilities you require. They're not the same quality either.

In order to identify the most appropriate rehab center for your needs, patients should ask the following questions:

Woman worried about oak tree before it fell on her home

When a 35-year-old woman moved into a new house with her boyfriend and children, she saw a huge oak tree near the house with cables holding up a number of its branches. Apparently, branches had been falling off and the cables were there to keep people safe.

Still, she worried that the whole tree might come down without warning. She even went to her landlord, told him she was nervous, and said he should have it taken down. Citing the cost, he declined to do so.

Don't underestimate how distracting loud music is to drivers

We hear a lot these days about the dangers of driving while texting, talking on the phone and using social media. However, there's another distraction that's been around for decades and becoming even more dangerous. That's driving while listening to loud music.

While young people are probably more likely to crank up their music than older drivers, seniors have been known to rock out to the music of their youth while driving. When it's coming through state-of-the-art speaker systems, it sounds better than ever -- and can put you in a world that takes your attention away from the road. Loud, surround-sound music can also prevent you from hearing horns, sirens and other sounds of the road.

Treatment recommendations for minor burns

Severe burns can be life threatening as they might lead to a serious infection. However, burns are also extremely painful, disfiguring and difficult to cope with. But what about minor or first-degree burns? These burns are also serious in their own way and, therefore, they need to be treated appropriately to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

If you or a loved one have a first-degree burn, whether it happen in the kitchen, at the office or when you're out on the town, let's take a look at what you should do to treat the injury:

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