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Distracted driving can lead to accidents, compensation claims

Distracted driving accidents can claim lives and lead to life-altering injuries. While most people automatically think of a cellphone as the distraction, there are actually a bunch of other reasons why a driver might become distracted. No matter what the cause of the distraction, the possible result is still the same.

Some of the distractions drivers might face include the stereo, the climate control system, the GPS system, passengers, food, and reading. Some driver will even try to apply makeup or take care of other grooming activities while they are driving. All of these distractions can lead to an accident.

Brain injury effects go far beyond the victim

A traumatic brain injury is one that greatly affects the person who suffered the injury. Victims of TBIs might end up in the hospital for a long period of time while the medical team works to minimize the effects of the TBI. Starting from those first days after the accident, family members and loved ones can feel the effects of the injury.

While the TBI victim is in the hospital, immediate family members will likely spend a lot of time at the hospital. The emotional toll of the constant ups and downs that are associated with brain injuries can be considerable. Add in the lack of quality sleep, likely poor diet and dealing with the circumstances of the accident and it is easy to see why the inpatient period is so hard on the loved ones who are trying to support the victim.

Hot liquids can lead to serious burns

Scalding hazards are a component of daily life that most people don't really think about too often. Spilling a hot beverage, such as coffee, on yourself or someone else can lead to burns. Opening a hot radiator on a vehicle can lead to steam burns. Even a hot bath can lead to a scald burn if the water is very hot.

In the United States each year, there are more than 500,000 scald burns. These burns are predominately associated with the elderly population and young children. In fact, more burns are associated with hot liquids than those that are associated with flames.

Subrogation can strip your settlement amount

If you get in a wreck with an at-fault driver and your health insurance provider pays your medical bills, they have a right to reimbursement from any later settlement or judgment. Most people would agree that is fair. However, some providers are trying to squeeze a little more out of proceeds from civil claims.

For instance, health insurance companies contract with medical providers to pay a percentage or specified sum for each charge. If the clinic's rate for an MRI is $1,500, the insurance company can agree to a cap of $1,000. Then, insurance will pay 70 percent of the charges, or $700, leaving the patient with a balance of $300.

What are a persistent vegetative state and a coma?

Severe brain injuries can often affect the way a person interacts with the world around him or her. When the person's injury is severe, the person might suffer from a persistent vegetative state or a coma. While some people use these terms interchangeably, they are actually two different states.

What is a persistent vegetative state?

2 dead in pedestrian accident with allegedly impaired driver

Two promising lives were cut short when an allegedly impaired driver mowed down two freshman football players at Auburn's Placer High School. The teens, both 15, were from Auburn and Foresthill.

The tragedy unfolded as the boys and another friend walked along the northbound lane of Highway 49 near Locksley Lane around 5:15 p.m. on April 3. The surviving teen, who was uninjured, told a local news station that they had just finished skateboarding at a local park and were walking to a coffee shop.

How can you prevent grill-related burns?

Even though we have fair weather just about all year round here in LA, grilling season really gets going in the summer. Whether you're the one manning the barbecue or you're a guest at someone else's home or event, it's essential to avoid accidents that could result in serious burns.

One physician who works at a burn center says that gas grill-related burns are the most common injury that he sees in the summer. Across the country, thousands of people find themselves in emergency rooms every year with burns caused by grills. Some are the result of human error or negligence, while others are caused by defective grills.

Can you reduce the risk of strains from wheelchair use?

Living life in a wheelchair of course has drawbacks, but there are ways to increase your quality of life. Approximately 50 percent of those coping with life in a wheelchair suffer at least occasional pain in the wrists, arms and shoulders. Below are some tips to lessen and avoid the pains caused by propelling manual wheelchairs.

-- Keep transfers to a minimum to avoid shoulder strain.

Man re-arraigned on charges related to test drive crash

On March 15, a man accused of crashing a Corvette while on a test drive and killing the car salesman who was with him turned himself in to sheriff's deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office.

The man had already been arraigned in February for killing a 43-year-old man who was a passenger in a Corvette that the 28-year-old man was test driving. The car smashed into a tree, allegedly when it was traveling at a high rate of speed. The fatal accident happened just a mile northeast of the Ontario International Airport on Mercedes Driver.

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