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Legal Malpractice Case Results

Doe v Doe Law Firm Settlement: $3 million

Transactional Legal Malpractice relating to the sale of plaintiff's business.

Doe Company v. Doe Law Firm Verdict: $45.6 million

Legal malpractice, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty case involving concealment of conflict of interest in real estate transaction. Confidential settlement reached before punitive damage phase.

Doe Individual v. Doe Law Firm Settlement: $9.6 million

Legal malpractice against attorneys who negligently prepared and tried a special education /brain injury action against a government entity.

Doe City v Doe Law Firm Settlement $8 million

Legal malpractice action involving the failure to adequately prepare transactional documents on behalf of Government Entity.

Doe Individuals v. Doe Law Firm Settlement: $3 million

Legal malpractice action involving violation of statute of limitations on an underlying wrongful termination action.

Doe Individual v. Doe Law Firm Settlement: $2.2 million

Legal malpractice action against attorneys who negligently advised doctor as to his liability and exposure in fraud lawsuit against him and others by shareholders of a corporation.

City of Glendora v. Burke, Williams & Sorensen Settlement: $935,000

Legal malpractice action involving failure of law firm to advise adequately a governmental entity regarding land use issue.

Botez v. Hertzfeld & Rubin Verdict: $900,000

Trial involving legal malpractice and conflict of interest over real estate development in Romania.

Fenmore v. Loeb & Loeb Confidential Settlement

Settlement of a legal malpractice claim that stemmed from the handling of a probate and estate matter.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center v Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp: Confidential Settlement

Legal Malpractice Action regarding the failure to timely file a patent application relating to an improvement to laser eye surgical procedures.

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