Bikram Yoga Sexual Harassment Case

Greene Broillet & Wheeler partner Mark Quigley obtained a significant result for his client (Minakshi Jafa-Bodden) in a recent case against Bikram yoga founder Bikram Choudhury. The case resulted in an award of $924,000 in unpaid compensation to Ms. Jafa-Bodden, and additional punitive damages of nearly $6.5 million. This high profile case was featured in a number of news outlets, including those shown below.




Following the verdict, Mark Quigley was quoted in a variety or news stories.

From NBC Los Angeles:

"In his final argument in the punitive damages phase, plaintiff's lawyer Mark Quigley Wednesday urged the jury to send Choudhury a message with a large award. 'His conduct shocked me,' Quigley said of Choudhury. 'He thinks that he can do whatever he wants to do. It's like a cancer, it's ridiculous.'

Quigley urged the jury to disbelieve Choudhury's claims of financial problems and to send him a message that his behavior toward women will not be tolerated.

'This guy will do anything,' Quigley said. 'He is sick. Shut him down. He's out of control.'"

From the LA Times:

"Choudhury said he did not know his net worth, repeatedly answering questions about his finances with, 'You have to ask my accountant.'

After the verdict, Quigley said that Choudhury was attempting to hide his wealth. 'It's a sham,' Quigley said. 'He lives a life of luxury.'"

Mark Quigley was also quoted this CBS Los Angeles story.