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March 2012 Archives

Los Angeles pools have potential to cause brain injuries to children

Children are very prone to accidents, which is why it is important to provide proper security for things that may pose a danger to them. Unfortunately these accidents can cause severe injuries to the children. Often if children cannot specify the type accident or degree of injury, parents and doctors need to take precautionary measure to help heal the child's injuries.

California accident victim begins to recover after brain injury

Imagine waking up one day, not knowing where you are or how you got there. After looking around the room and taking in the surroundings, you notice that you are in a hospital room. A doctor walks into the room and tells you that you have been in a coma for eight days. During that time, you underwent several surgeries because you were injured in a car accident.

Brain Injury Awareness Month: 170,000 children treated in ER annually

The month of March is nearing its end, which means Brain Injury Awareness Month is almost over. Advocates who spent the whole month raising awareness for brain injury prevention hope that the messages they sent to people in Los Angeles and across the nation will carry past the close of March 31, 2012.

Suit filed in Los Angeles after officer dies during funeral procession

Approximately ten months ago, a motorcycle officer lost his life during a funeral procession. Some may call the circumstances of a death at a funeral ironic, but the wife of the officer who lost his life calls it a wrongful death. She filed a suit this month in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that the man who collided with the deceased officer was "unfit" for his job, which resulted from inadequate training and supervision.

UPDATE: California police shooting could create wrongful death claim

Recently, a father, who was a Marine, was killed in California by a police officer and in front of his children. The death of the father may result in a finding against the police officer that the shooting was a wrongful death of the father. The father was a Marine and worked at the local Camp Pendleton. He precedes his four children and wife, who gave birth to their fourth child after the incident occurred.

California manufacturer recall due to burn injury reports

A California-based manufacturer faced significant product recalls due to manufacturing flaws. The manufacturing flaws in the coffee maker created unexpected events that lead to the product spraying consumers with hot liquid.

TBI detection tool could help injury victims, II

Traumatic brain injury can occur in an accident or during ordinary activities that might involve possible endangerment to the head area. Vehicle accidents cause many internal brain injuries including memory loss, moodiness, coma, loss of feeling or even death.

TBI detection tool could help injury victims

New scientific research and developments used for diagnosing and treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) offer hope to victims of events and accidents that end up in severe injury to the head and neck area. Some brain injuries in Los Angeles are the result of an accident involving negligence, as may occur in a car wreck caused by a distracted driver or failure of a defective part.

Explosion at Los Angeles set results in serious burns to stunt man

Most of us love to watch movies. In fact, one of the most traditional dates is dinner and a movie. We watch as the hero saves the victim in a dangerous situation, but few of us think about what went into the filming of the movie. Stunt men and women go to work each day and assume a certain amount of risk by definition of their job, which is why it is so important that employers keep the workplace safe for these men and women.

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