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December 2016 Archives

Some important limits to ski helmet safety

There's widespread agreement that wearing a helmet when you're skiing or snowboarding is a wise precaution. Even adults who don't wear them generally ensure that their kids have them on, whether a resort requires them or not. According to the National Ski Areas Association, almost 90 percent of kids wore a helmet during the 2015-16 ski season.

Hospitals not required to report superbug outbreaks

An unseen killer in healthcare facilities poses a danger to the country's most vulnerable patients. Superbugs are microbes that are resistant to the medication used to treat them. They can spread quickly throughout hospitals and nursing homes and have a high fatality rate in localized areas.

Los Angeles driver stabbed before fatally hitting pedestrian

When a pedestrian is struck and killed by an automobile in Los Angeles, police look to investigate whether the driver of the automobile was at fault. However, in a recent case, another individual -- and not the driver or the deceased person -- appears to be at fault for causing the tragic car accident death of a pedestrian.

Sleep deprived doctors more likely to make errors

Doctors spend an average of 14 years training for their job. School is stressful; fellowship hours are long and the learning curve is steep. From the training emerge the best minds in medicine - but is there a dark side to the white coat? Extended training and fellowship hours threaten the health of doctors in residency and the patients in their care, and the problem could be getting worse.

After marijuana vote, California prepares to grapple with drug DUIs

Will police see more stoned drivers since Prop 64?

Recreational marijuana may be legal in California with the passage of Proposition 64, but that doesn't give drivers a free pass to smoke up. The state's existing laws regarding impaired driving remain in place, and it is still against the law to drive under the influence of drugs - including alcohol, prescriptions and marijuana.

Take precautions so that your holiday doesn't go up in flames

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to remember that taking safety precautions to prevent burns has to be a top priority. Burns are more prevalent during the holidays for a number of reasons, many of which can be avoided.

Make way for Waymo: Google's driverless car project becomes its own company

A few years from now, Los Angelinos will probably will have to sit in traffic, but they may not always have to do the driving. At least, that's the vision of driverless car makers, who continue to make news with progress toward a driverless future. The driverless car industry took another big step this week, as Google introduced a new company, Waymo, as the new home of its self-driving car initiatives.

Bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles

California is an exciting tourist destination, but when tourists fly into our beautiful state, they usually don't bring vehicles. This means that they either have to rent a car -- which is prohibitively expensive -- or they navigate the use public and private bus transportation. It is very common to see large private tour buses loaded with tour groups and visitors.

Driverless trucks being tested for safety

A self-driving semi is being tested in Ohio. What does it mean for road safety?

In the traffic safety world, self-driving cars have become a hot topic and consistent point of contention. Test drives and data suggest that driverless cars have the potential to reduce vehicle accidents and deaths - but is America ready for self-driving cars?

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